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Our world-leading academics are translating their research into life-changing solutions for hearing loss, with the potential to completely transform the way it is treated. Read their stories and latest publications here.

MRC festival 2016

Fighting the Good Fight: How medical research helps us combat disease

Join us on 15 and 16 June for two days of interactive medical exploration and to learn about fighting disease.

Biomedical science students with microscope

Spin-out company secures £1.4 million to develop hearing loss treatment

Research from the Rivolta Lab has led to the formation of a new spin out company, Rinri Therapeutics.

Recent publications

Diamantopoulou E, Baxendale S, de la Vega de León A, Asad A, Holdsworth CJ, Abbas L, Gillet VJ, Wiggin GR, Whitfield TT (2019) Identification of compounds that rescue otic and myelination defects in the zebrafish adgrg6 (gpr126) mutant. Elife 8. pii: e44889. See the full publication
Ceriani F, Hendry A, Jeng JY, Johnson S, Olt J, Holley MC, Mammano F, Kros CJ, Simmons DD, Marcotti W (2019) Coordinated Ca2+ activity of cochlear sensory and non-sensory cells refines OHC afferent innervation”. EMBO J, e99839. See the full publication
Corns LF, Johnson S, Roberts T, Ranatunga K, Hendry A, Ceriani F, Safieddine S, Steel K, Forge A, Petit C, Furness D, Kros C, Marcotti W (2018) Mechanotransduction is required for establishing and maintaining mature inner hair cells and regulating efferent innervation. Nature Comm, 9:4015. See the full publication
Chessum et al (17 authors) Marcotti W, Brown SDM, Elkon R, Bowl MR, Hertzano R (2018) Ikzf2/helios is a key transcriptional regulator of outer hair cell maturation. Nature, 563:696-700. See the full publication

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