Hannah Wallace

School of English

Title: Community, Conflict and Change at Chatsworth, 1700-1820.
Period: 1500-1800
Funded by: AHRC Collaborative Studentship
Start year: 2015
Email: HWallace1@sheffield.ac.uk

Primary: Professor Jane Hodson (English) | Secondary: Professor Karen Harvey (Birmingham) and Mr James Towe (Chatsworth)


Academic background

  • M.A. Early Modern History, University of Sheffield, 2014
  • B.A. (Hons.) History, University of Sheffield, 2013

Research topic

My research focuses upon the relationship between masters and servants on the Chatsworth estate during the eighteenth century. During this period Chatsworth underwent numerous building works and improvements, yet it also remained part of a wider country house estate and a community which included estate villages, farm labourers and craftsmen alongside the family and their household servants.

This thesis will explore the identity of this estate family against a wider transformation in the relationship between master and servant as the language of paternalism gave way to an increased focus on a wage economy. Through exploring the changing social, spatial and linguistic distinctions which were made between servants, my research aims to examine how servants were distinguished, and distinguished themselves, in the country house hierarchy and community.