Engineering: Think Inside the Box

A series of interactive cubes, created by the Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy, each containing representations of a different discipline of engineering.

Child interacting with a toy rocket as part of the Aerospace engineering box

Engineering: Think Inside the Box was displayed as part of the Festival of the Mind 2018. The exhibit was a part of the Futurecade series of events.

The project was lead by undergraduate engineering students Daniel Habbershaw and Benjamin Sharp with support from Dr Gary Wood, cohort from the Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy (SELA) and John Barber from Work-Wise.

Participants experienced a virtual reality flight through the solar system, explore the engineering of drains, and even trying their hand at keyhole surgery.

They also had the opportunity to meet Wobbly, a self-balancing robot demonstrating automated control. Guided by the augmented reality assistants, participants were given a personal journey into the world of engineering.

Engineering: Think inside the box exhibition

Each box represented a discipline within engineering, using light and automation to create an interactive experience demonstrating the function of each discipline.

Some highlights included the bioengineering box which had a hole in it with toy organs inside and a camera, to allow visitors to experience the concept of key-hole surgery and the computer science box where users experienced a VR experience through space.

The free exhibition was displayed in the Millennium Gallery from 24 August - 1 September 2018.

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