Student Journey - MSc to PhD

I Majidhave always had a desire to study medicine from a very young age. During my studies at the Faculty of Medicine in King Abdulaziz University, I discovered an interest in undertaking research that can contribute to the development of medicine. The first position I was appointed to, after graduating and completing my internship training, was a research physician in the Center of Excellence of Osteoporosis Research (CEOR) at King Abdulaziz University. This position continued to build upon my ambition and passion to pursue a career as a physician scientist. During my time in CEOR, I had an interview and was appointed as a demonstrator in the department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine in King Abdulaziz University and subsequently was awarded a full scholarship.

I was encouraged by my Head of Department to apply for the MSc of Molecular Medicine at the University of Sheffield. After careful consideration I chose to undertake the cardiovascular pathway in the MSc which was my first interaction with the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease, and was the most enjoyable part of the Masters. Throughout this pathway we had many sessions and activities with the departmental academic staff especially with the Head of Department, Professor Sheila Francis and Dr. Heather Wilson. The department is a very friendly and enthusiastic environment, which in turn created a very comfortable and motivational working atmosphere. During my time studying for my MSc I knew that this is the department that I would love to undertake my PhD studies in. I started my PhD in October 2016 and I am looking forward to using my molecular cardiovascular background to build my further academic and research career on.