We've changed how the MUSE login page web address appears. This will make it more difficult for criminals to make convincing copies and will make it easier for Sheffield staff and students to spot imitations of the login screen.

Our extended validation certificates have placed a green ‘University of Sheffield’ banner in the address bar of your web browser when you view the MUSE login screen. Below is how it appears in the four main browsers:


Chrome banner


Safari banner


Firefox banner

Internet Explorer

IE Banner

The web address of the MUSE login screen must start with the text login.shef.ac.uk/  
The trailing / after .uk is very important, if it is missing you must not log in. The address after .uk/ can vary.

The certificate in itself does not make MUSE more secure, instead it makes it easier to notice forgeries. The green banner will appear on the MUSE login screen and on secure (https) University website pages for shef.ac.uk and sheffield.ac.uk addresses. However, there will still be some login pages that will not feature the green banner, including Juice and some cPanel sites. These sites will be no less secure, but visitors may become suspicious when they notice the green banner is absent.

More information

Take a look at our advice on safe computing.