Welcome to MUSE

MUSE provides single log-in access to the majority of the University's online services and provides secure access off campus.

To access your online IT services including email, calendar, Blackboard and myJob, open the My services menu in the top-left row of links. If your service is not listed follow the View all services link.

Using MUSE

Logging in

To sign in to access your online services:

  1. Go to any standard University of Sheffield web page
  2. Click the 'Log in to MUSE' link in the top row of links
  3. Enter your username and password and click Log in
  4. You will be signed in and redirected to a landing page of information
  5. You will notice a new 'My services' menu in the top row of links from which you can select and start online services.

As you navigate around the University website the My services menu will remain available to you.

Starting online services

By online service we mean a University provided IT service that runs in a web browser. Examples are Gmail, Blackboard, myJob and the CMS.

To start an online service:

  1. Log in using the link at the top of University web pages
  2. Click the My Services menu
  3. If you see the service you require click it in the list
    If you don't see the service you require click the View all services link to reveal the full list
  4. When you click on your service it will start in a new browser tab

The My Services menu will remain available as you navigate through the website.

Signing out

The safest way to log out from MUSE and more importantly all the services that you have started from MUSE is to close down your web browser.

You can sign out from MUSE itself by clicking the Log out link in the left row of links. However, you may still be signed in to some of your services. To sign out from these services go to each browser window or tab in turn and either close it or sign out from the service running in it.

Logging out of MUSE does not in itself sign you out of the services you started from within MUSE.

Need help? Get in touch with IT Services.