A list of books written or edited by Sir Harry Kroto.



  • 'Benjy and Bruno in Nanoland', written by David and Harry Kroto. A children's science book.
  • 'Molecular rotation spectra', by Harry Kroto.


  • 'C60 Buckminsterfullerene: Some inside stories', edited by Harry Kroto. Download the front and back cover (PDF, 3.52MB).
  • 'The Fullerenes: New horizons for the chemistry, physics and astrophysics of carbon', edited by Harry Kroto and D R M Walton.

Chapter contributions

  • 'Joseph Rotblat: visionary for peace', edited by R Braun, Professor R Hinde, D Krieger, H Kroto and S Milne.
  • 'The life and scientific legacy of George Porter', contribution from Harry Kroto.

Margaret Kroto

  • 'Getting into US and Canadian universities', by Margaret Kroto.

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