Our members

Current academic members of the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law include a wide variety of experts and experienced researchers.



Research Interests

Dr Russell Buchan

Centre Director (Study Leave)

  • UN Law International Legal and Political Theory
  • Cyber Security

Dr Francesca Strumia

Centre Director

  • Citizenship theory
  • European, international and comparative immigration law
  • Free movement law

Dr Daniel Franchini

Co-deputy Director

  • Jurisdiction and immunities of the state;
  • International dispute settlement and cyber disputes;
  • international economic sanctions;
  • International humanitarian law and use of force;
  • International criminal law and transitional justice.

Dr Sejal Parmar

Co-deputy Director

  • International human rights law
  • The United Nations human rights system
  • European human rights law
  • Freedom of expression
  • Media freedom
  • Human rights advocacy
Name  Research Interests 

Dr Pablo Castillo-Ortiz

  • Constitutional Law and Politics
  • Regional Integration
  • Empirical Jurisprudence

Professor Tamara Hervey

  • EU law
  • Health law
  • Legal Research Methodologies
Luiza Pereira
  • Theory of International Law
  • International Dispute Settlement
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Criminal Law 

Stefanie Pletz

  • Transnational Financial Law
  • Public International Economic Law
  • Global Regulatory Regimes
  • Critical Legal Theory
  • Critical Legal Thinking

Dr Andreas Rühmkorf

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Company Law and Corporate Governance (European and Comparative)
  • Internet Law (E-Commerce and Privacy)

Dr Francesca Strumia

  • Citizenship theory
  • European, international and comparative immigration law
  • Free movement law
Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
  • International law and armed conflict
  • International constitutional theory and law
  • International criminal law

Research students

Our postgraduate research students are also members:

  • Thekli Anastasiou
  • Giacomo Biggio
  • Eray Sinan Demirhan
  • Sagar Deva
  • Andraz Kastelic
  • Panagiota Kotzamani
  • Molly Matthewman
  • Isabel Simonsen Carrascal
  • Foteini Ververidou
  • Claire Yau
  • Alasdair Morrison
  • Robert Tunks

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