Leonardo Laboratories

The Leonardo Centre is based across several high profile modern labs and shared access rooms in the University.

Leonardo Lab E011

The Leonardo Lab

The Leonardo Lab, E011 is our main laboratory which is located in the glass tower in the centre of the Mappin Building Heartspace. This lab houses our bench top tribometers and test equipment.

Metrology Lab E210

Surface Metrology Lab

The Metrology Lab E210 is where our surface analysis equipment is located. We have a range of instruments for the analysis of lubricant rheology, surface roughness, wear, and damage, as well as optical and electron microscopy. The test equipment complements that in the Sorby Centre.

Preparation Lab E211

The Specimen Preparation Lab

The Preparation Lab, E211 is the where samples, materials, and sensor preparation takes place. Researchers can prepare specimens, polish surfaces, and design and install sensors into their components.

Lea Lab

The Lea Lab

The Lea Lab is where we conduct heavy duty testing on large size components; or components that require the use of hydraulics in the loading assembly. We have a number of heavy duty test rigs; a full size wheel/rail simulator, a wind turbine gearbox bearing test rig, and a metal rolling simulator.

Swift Lab

The Swift Lab

The Swift Lab is where the majority of our component test apparatus is located. This is where we build component level simulators and conduct trials. We have test rigs for auto/motorcycle drive chains, valve train, motored cylinder heads, aerospace landing gear joints, and general journal and rolling bearing testers.