Finding out more

Now you’ve read the information here, you may want to learn more about Conversation Analysis and how it is studied in The University of Sheffield. Below are some links and a list of books that are used when studying Conversation Analysis at the University that may be helpful to you.



More about CA and its uses:

Conversation Analysis: A Short Introduction
Design For Conversation Slideshow

Links to Researchers’ profiles

Harvey Sacks’ Wikipedia page
Gail Jefferson’s Wikipedia page
Emanuel Schegloff’s Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is helpful to learn some background knowledge on these researchers, however, if you want to learn more about their publications, check the websites below.

Gail Jefferson’s Publications
Emanuel Schegloff’s Homepage
Harvey Sacks’ Publications


Conversation Analysis: An Introduction (Language in Society) by Jack Sidnell
Conversation Analysis: Principles, Practises and Applications by Ian Hutchy and Robin Wooffitt
Lectures on Conversation Volumes 1-2 by Harvey Sacks, Gail Jefferson and Emanuel Schegloff

Students at the University of Sheffield have found these texts extremely useful in the study of Conversation Analysis; they are some of the most informative and interesting texts used in this website!

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