Have you ever asked someone to put the kettle on
and expected them to make you a cup of tea?….


Have you ever told someone you are cold
and intended for them to close the window?…

This is pragmatics!

If you are interested in understanding why you say these things or do these actions, then you should study Pragmatics!

When studying Pragmatics, you will also look at:


We would also like to prove to you that Pragmatics is a FUN subject!

It is deeply interesting, there are many areas to cover within the field, and once you understand how it works, you can have so much fun listening to everyday conversations while knowing the true intentions within the speech!

(For more on why Pragmatics is fun to study, see the video by Graham Williams in Why is Pragmatics Studied?)

Even tone of voice can be pragmatics:

Pragmatics by Laura Drysdale by AllAboutLinguistics 

Simply speaking, Pragmatics is the study of meaning in interaction!

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