Experiencing different teaching and assessment styles improved my independent study skills

Headshot of Annabelle Sheldon
Annabelle Sheldon
Undergraduate student
MMath Mathematics with a Year Abroad
Annabel spent her year abroad at the University of North Carolina.

For my study abroad I visited the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During my stay, I immersed myself in the southern American culture and spent a whole year living with and working with American students. In particular, I had a roommate for the first time - that was an interesting experience and I feel that I learned a lot from that.

I was also able to experience a different education style in America, as the university system is very different there. I think that experiencing different teaching and assessment styles improved my independent study skills.

Due to the differences in systems, it was also easy for me to take classes outside of the mathematics department. This was one of my favourite parts of the experience, as I think it really helped to diversify my education experience and I developed a number of skills that I may not have gotten otherwise.

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