Being part of Sheffield's vibrant Chinese community

Yi Gu
Yi Gu
Postgraduate student, King's College London
Financial Mathematics BSc
Yi Gu enjoyed the facilities and sense of community in Sheffield, before going on to a masters degree at King's College London.

What did you enjoy most about your undergraduate degree? 

I really liked the facilities at Sheffield, particularly the Diamond – I used to go there around three times per day. The excellent facilities made studying a lot easier, particularly as the building housed both silent study spaces and discussion areas. Often during my time as an undergraduate, I found that discussions with peers helped me to clarify important concepts. 

What was it like being an international student at Sheffield? 

It is quite comforting to be an international student in Sheffield because there is a vibrant Chinese community here. Myself and fellow Chinese students often used to joke that studying in Sheffield sometimes gave the illusion that we were still in China! Although I have been away from Sheffield for a while now, I still miss the city.

What are you doing now and how did you decide to go down that route?

I am currently studying a postgraduate course in financial mathematics at King's College London because my undergraduate degree at Sheffield allowed me to develop a strong passion for the subject. The knowledge I gained at undergraduate level has provided a solid foundation for many of my postgraduate courses, which is extremely beneficial. 

Do you have any advice for other international students applying to Sheffield?

If you are considering applying to Sheffield, I would highly recommend it. Sheffield is really a great city to visit, particularly for Chinese international students studying abroad for the first time. You have the option to try new cuisines as well as Chinese food. There are also lots of places to go shopping including Meadowhall, The Moor, and Devonshire Green to name a few! Sheffield has both a train station and a coach station, which makes it very easy to visit other cities. Trams and buses are available to help you navigate around Sheffield by public transport. 

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