Undergraduate student profiles

We asked some of our students and graduates to share their experiences of studying mathematics and statistics at the University of Sheffield, and to tell us what they've ended up doing with their degree.

Lara Borkotoky

During these three years, I was exposed to a diverse array of lab techniques which granted me a first-hand glimpse into the life of a researcher

Lara Borkotoky BSc Biomedical Science

Lara was first drawn to the University of Sheffield because of its status as a Russell Group University. But what made her experience special was the encouragement and support from the academic staff in a course that gave her lots of options.

Freya Davies

I love the mathematics course and the city experience is great

Freya Davies Mathematics MMath

Freya has enjoyed the pure maths and mechanics on her degree so far, as well as the experience of living in the city.

Frederick Carter

If you have a passion for mathematics, you should definitely consider this course

Frederick Carter Mathematics MMath

Choosing to study maths was an easy choice for Frederick. At Sheffield, he's been able to explore fascinating topics such as group theory.

Yihui Tong

I have built a thorough knowledge of both pure and applied mathematics

Yihui Tong Mathematics MMath

Yihui enjoyed choosing from a wide range of modules and developed an interest in solar physics, which she plans to study further as a postgraduate researcher.

Yi Gu

Being part of Sheffield's vibrant Chinese community

Yi Gu Financial Mathematics BSc

Yi Gu enjoyed the facilities and sense of community in Sheffield, before going on to a masters degree at King's College London.

Will Oxley

My maths education in Sheffield has prepared me very well for conducting research

Will Oxley Mathematics MMath

As an undergraduate maths student, will took part in a series of research projects that led to four publications in academic journals. He's now working on a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Yichen Shi (Roy)

"In my opinion, data science is the core of almost every industry"

Yichen Shi (Roy) Financial Mathematics BSc

Financial Mathematics appealed to Roy for its practical applications, and he's now pursuing a career that uses machine learning.

Helen Walls stood smiling in front of a rose bush

I truly believe my placement year has prepared me for the world of work

Helen Walls Mathematics with Placement Year BSc

Helen did a placement year as part of her course, which she spent working at Goldman Sachs International as an equity research analyst.

Laura Tracey sat on a rock in front of some mountains and a river

I'd recommend to anyone to do a year abroad as it gives you so many opportunities to travel without having to take time out of your studies

Laura Tracey Mathematics with Year Abroad MMath

Laura spent a year of her degree at the University of Wollongong, Australia, exploring the other side of the world while developing her mathematics skills.

Elizabeth Sheppeck

My degree was a big enabler in me getting my job

Elizabeth Sheppeck Mathematics MMath

Elizabeth did a project on relativity during her maths degree, and is now training to become a finance leader in the aerospace and defence industry.

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