"In my opinion, data science is the core of almost every industry"

Yichen Shi (Roy)
Yichen Shi (Roy)
Undergraduate student
Financial Mathematics BSc
Financial Mathematics appealed to Roy for its practical applications, and he's now pursuing a career that uses machine learning.

The Financial Mathematics curriculum in Sheffield focused more on practical applications. This different teaching method attracted me.

The optional modules are well designed, ranging from pure mathematics to statistics. Modules related to data science, such as Machine Learning, are also available. Driven by my passion to solve practical financial issues, I mainly chose courses in the field of statistics. These modules combine theories with real-life applications properly, inspiring me to work on practical projects.

Two compulsory modules I took with the Management School helped me to think as a financial analyst. Modules involving statistics, as well as machine learning, gave me concepts for quantifying problems. Besides the notes and the lectures, lab sheets for self-study are provided. And with all of these, I mastered the skills of programming along with algorithm principles.

After graduation, I will continue with postgraduate study. At the same time, hunting for an internship or a job in England is another target. It is hard to say whether I will work in the field of finance or not. In my opinion, data science is the core of almost every industry. Dealing with data and machine learning will be my first choice in the future.

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