Student led learning

Our student led learning gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience with considerable personal responsibility. Take a look at some of the opportunities available to you here.

Members of the Railway Challenge

Railway Challenge at Sheffield

RCAS (Railway Challenge at Sheffield) is an extracurricular student-led activity within the Mechanical Engineering department that designs and manufactures a miniature locomotive to compete in the IMechE’s Railway Challenge. The locomotive is assessed in various areas such as traction, ride comfort, and a business case.

The team consists of around twenty members and students studying Mechanical Engineering can get involved.

As soon as they come to the University they'll get stuck into the design of components within the suspension or braking systems for example, before proceeding to manufacture and test.

This allows the students to experience all the stages of an Engineering product as well as skills gained by working in the team such as effective communication, time and financial planning.

To find out more about RCAS and how you can take part, visit the RCAS website.

Sheffield Formula Racing 

Sheffield Formula Racing is comprised of engineering students from every year of study.

At the start of every academic year, over 100 applicants from the first year of study apply to the team. The application process is rigorous and challenging, through which only the most dedicated and passionate applicants get to enter the team. 

Sheffield Formula Racing

Sheffield Eco Motorsports

Shell Eco-Marathon is an international competition that inspires students to work collaboratively and put theories of energy-efficiency to the test, using cutting-edge technology, critical thinking and innovative ideas to build and then test energy-efficient vehicle designs.

The Sheffield Eco Motorsports team is open to all undergraduate engineering students, from first to final year.

If you are interested in joining the team for 2020, recruitment starts at the beginning of the academic year so please follow the team’s social media for more on the application process and look out for information emails too.

Project Sunbyte

The Sheffield University Nova Balloon Lifted Solar Telescope (SunbYte) is a high-altitude balloon experiment devised and run by students at the University of Sheffield.

Project SunbYte


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