Amir Burney


Academic Unit of Medical Education

Senior University Teacher

Co-Director for Studies (Phase 2)

Academic Lead for Clinical Skills
+44 114 222 6134

Full contact details

Amir Burney
Academic Unit of Medical Education
Sam Fox House
Northern General Hospital
Herries Road
S5 7AU

I joined the Academic Unit of Medical Education in 2009. I have a background in Orthopaedics and Sports and Exercise Medicine, and in medical education.


My professional qualifications include MMedSci - Masters in Medical education, FRCS and Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Teaching activities

As Co-Director for Studies (Phase 2) I facilitate the clinical education of undergraduate medical students during Phase 2a and 2b. This involves overseeing the curriculum and managing the assessments.  I am also involved with teaching of clinical skills for Phase 3a students.

As the Academic Lead for Clinical Skills, I am responsible for the development and delivery of clinical skills education prescribed by the Sheffield curriculum.

My other professional responsibilities include being the Lead for the Foundation Clinical Skills Course, the Phase 2 Assessed Long Case Report and the Simulated Ward Rounds for Phase 2 and Phase 4 students.

I am involved in curriculum planning and delivery, and development and implementation of formative and summative assessments for medical students at the University of Sheffield. I am also a tutor for the School of Nursing and the School of Dentistry in Sheffield.

I lead module 3 on the GATEWAY course and Module 2 in the PG cert in Medical Education.