Dr Faith Howard

PhD, BSc (Hons).

Department of Oncology and Metabolism

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Faith Howard
Dr Faith Howard

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Dr Faith Howard
Department of Oncology and Metabolism
EU27, E Floor
The Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX

I joined the University of Sheffield in 2006 as a research technician where I completed a PhD in the Academic Unit of Nephrology in 2013 involving CDK/MEK inhibitors to inhibit fibrosis. In 2011 I joined the department of Clinical Oncology working on breast cancer and metastasis. I have multi-disciplinary, cross-sector experience having worked in industry between the years 2014-2018 in the AMR field before returning to the University of Sheffield and the study of breast cancer. My current research involves nanomedicine targeting of oncolytic viruses to metastatic tumours

Research interests

My research interests are focused on delivery of therapeutics to disseminated tumours. This includes nanoparticle formulations and the development of appropriate models for studying immunotherapies.


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Research group

Member of Nanobug Oncology Sheffield (@Nanobug_Shef) team led by Dr Munitta Muthana.


2022 British Association of Cancer, Roger Griffin Prize for Cancer Discovery

2019 EPSRC NanoPrime Grant (EP/K005138/1A)

2018 CRUK New Investigator Committee - Research Travel Award

Teaching interests

Module lead for Home Office Personal Licence Holders.

Professional activities

ECMC Junior Investigator Networking Group, Steering Committee member.