Fees and Bursaries - 2018 Entry

The MBChB programme is subject to tuition fees and there are a number of other costs that students may incur during the course of their studies.

Tuition Fees

Details of tuition fees for UK and EU students can be found here.  Details of tuition fees for Overseas Students can be found here.


At present, from Year 5 onwards course tuition fees are paid by the Department of Health for students within the EU.  They may also award bursaries to British students who qualify.  Further enquiries regarding this should be addressed to:

NHS Student Bursaries
Hesketh House
200-220 Broadway

Details of bursaries available from the University of Sheffield can be found here.

Other Extra Costs

Compulsory books/texts

Whilst the Medical School recommend a number of texts for each Phase of the MBChB programme, none of these are considered compulsory.  Copies of textbooks are available in the Health Sciences Library.

Course packs

Course and module handbooks are provided (generally in electronic format) without additional charge.  The anatomy dissection workbook and the histology workbook are provided in hard copy without additional charge.

Compulsory (non-residential) field trips

There are no compulsory non-residential field trips in the MBChB programme.

Compulsory (residential) field trips (including accommodation)

The MBChB programme includes a 6-week Student Selected Component in Phase 3a and a 7-week Elective placement in Phase 3b.  Students may choose to undertake their periods of study in Sheffield, elsewhere in the UK, or elsewhere in the world (provided that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office does not deem that place unsafe to travel to).  The costs of visas, travel, accommodation, tuition fees, subsistence, criminal records checks (if required), personal insurance, private malpractice insurance and any vaccinations required are met by the student.  These will vary depending on destination.  There is no reduction in University of Sheffield tuition fees for Phases 3a and 3b.

The Medical School receives a variable sum of money every year towards assisting students with their Phase 3b elective placement.  Since 2009, these bursaries have been competitively awarded on the basis of a written application.  Awards of up to £700 are made, and approximately 60% of students applying for a bursary will receive some assistance with their financial arrangements.

Professional accreditation exams (if core requirement of the degree) At the end of the MBChB programme, students who wish to practice medicine in the United Kingdom must provisionally register with the General Medical Council.  The cost of provisional registration is currently £90, and is outside the control of the University.  More information on General Medical Council fees can be found here.
Compulsory study aids In Phase 1, students will require a white coat and a dissection kit to support their study of anatomy. (For students who do not wish to purchase a white coat, these can be borrowed for a fee - currently £1 per anatomy class.)  Students will need to purchase a stethoscope.  There are no other compulsory study aids for the MBChB programme.
Compulsory research project costs (approved by supervisor) There are no compulsory research project costs associated with the MBChB degree programme.
Travel Costs for compulsory placements

There are clinical placements in all years of the MBChB programme.  Approximately 50% of a student's clinical placements within the MBChB programme take place within the local region, including but not limited to Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Grimsby, Hull and Rotherham.  The cost of such travel varies depending on the distance travelled and the mode of transportation used.

During your MBChB degree programme, you will be expected to travel throughout the region for both hospital and General Practice placements.  A contribution is made towards the cost of travel.  A lump sum payment is made to all students at the beginning of each phase of the course, the amount reflects the number of weeks a student spends on placement during that phase.  In addition, a contribution is made for travel to all GP practice placements.

Other compulsory costs associated with course requirements e.g. large scale printing, posters There is no requirement for students to undertake large scale printing or to have posters printed professionally.
Later registration charge Late registration incurs a charge.  Details can be found here.
Other costs

There are no additional costs for first sitting examinations.  Resit examinations do incur a charge.

The MBChB programme does not include a dissertation or thesis, therefore submission fees, continuation fees and resubmission fees are not applicable.