PhD Research degree

What is a PhD research degree?

The PhD programme reflects a transition from learning codified information and techniques to researching new methodologies, acquiring and verifying new information and understanding to add to the sum of mankind's knowledge and abilities.

To do this in a three-year programme you will have to:

  • work in a relatively confined subject area
  • You will have to learn the techniques needed to operate in this area, and gain a thorough understanding of the relevant background material
  • You will put these elements together to design experiments that probe the limits of the area, and will provide quantitative, verifiable data that can be used in the support (or refutation) of hypotheses developed by yourself, or current in your field of study.

The award of a PhD degree therefore reflects your ability to carry out a programme of original research, and report this coherently in the form of a written thesis. To be awarded the degree you must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject and training in relevant research skills.

The degree is not graded, a candidate may pass, pass after making corrections, or be failed (possibly with a recommendation to re-submit for a lesser award)

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