Flow Cytometry Core Service


The Medical School Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a resource available for all in the University. The lab comprises of 4 analysers and 2 cell sorters, and is supported by two dedicated members of Technical staff.

Services provided by the facility

Experimental design – including advice regarding controls, dyes, fluorochrome choice, cell number etc

Training – users are trained to run samples independently on the analysers *for an extra fee, samples can be run for users by Flow Cytometry staff

Analysis – advice can be provided to assist with data analysis

Machines available


2 x FACSCalibur - 2 lasers 4 detectors. Tube loading only.
Attune Autosampler - 2 lasers 6 detectors. Tube and 96 well plate
LSRII - 4 lasers 13 detectors. Tube loading only.


FACSMelody  - 3 lasers 8 detectors. Tube loading only, can sort up to 2 populations simultaneously
FACSAria IIu - 3 lasers 9 detectors. Tube loading only, can sort up to 4 populations simultaneously

NEW FOR 2019......BDFACSMelody

The flow cytometry core facility is delighted to announce that they have taken delivery of a new cell sorter, the BDFACSMelody. This machine has 3 lasers with 488, 561 and 633nm wavelengths and 8 fluorescent detectors. Cells can be sorted into a variety of collection devices including eppendorf, BDFalcon 12x75mm tubes and 96 well plates.


Countess - automated cell counter
gentleMACS Dissociator - automated tissue dissociator seperating organs and tissues into sterile single cell suspensions

Attune and Gentle MACS