Flow Cytometry Core Service


The Medical School Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a resource available for all within the University, as well as undertaking work for external groups and comapnies. The facility comprises of 4 analysers, 2 cell sorters, a soluble cytokine quantification service and FlowJo analysis software licenses.

Services provided by the facility

Experimental design – including advice regarding controls, dyes, fluorochrome choice, cell number and staining protocols

Training – users can undertake a 3 session training course, and can then be signed off to run samples independently on the analysers and the FACSMelody cell sorter
NB for an extra fee, samples can be processed for users by Flow Cytometry staff

Analysis – advice can be provided to assist with data analysis, using both the machine's acquisiton-analysis software, or FlowJo analysis only software

Machines available


2 x FACSCalibur         - 2 lasers 4 detectors. Tube loading only.
Attune Autosampler - 2 lasers 6 detectors. Tube and 96 well plate
LSRII                           - 4 lasers 13 detectors. Tube loading only.


FACSMelody   - 3 lasers 8 detectors. Tube loading only, can sort up to 2 populations simultaneously
FACSAria IIu - 3 lasers 9 detectors. Tube loading only, can sort up to 4 populations simultaneously

NEW FOR 2019......BDFACSMelody

The flow cytometry core facility is delighted to announce that they have taken delivery of a new cell sorter, the BDFACSMelody. This machine has 3 lasers with 488, 561 and 633nm wavelengths and 8 fluorescent detectors. Cells can be sorted into a variety of collection devices including eppendorf, BDFalcon 12x75mm tubes and 96 well plates.


Countess - automated cell counter
gentleMACS Dissociator - automated tissue dissociator separating organs and tissues into sterile single cell suspensions

Attune and Gentle MACS