Flow Cytometry Core Service

Cell Sorting


Populations of highly purified cells with specific characteristics can be separated by flow cytometers capable of cell sorting. Sort decisions can be made based on relative size and granularity of cells alongside fluorescence associated with them.

Cells pass through the lasers in a chargeable sheath fluid and a decision is made as to whether the cells are required for sorting. The stream is then passed through a narrow rapidly vibrating orifice, this causes the stream to break-off into droplets, cells are captured in these droplets at this droplet-breakoff point.

The time between the cells passing through the laser and droplet-breakoff is stably maintained, therefore the time between seeing the desired cell and it´s encapsulation in a droplet is known, and the appropriate droplet containing the cell of interest can be charged. The droplets pass through high-voltage deflection plates and charged droplets are deflected appropriately into a collection vessel, uncharged droplets enter the waste.

Please contact a member of the Flow Cytometry staff for information should you wish to undertake cell sorting