High Throughput Robotics Facility

This facility consists of two highly specialised Genetix robots, Q-bot and MegaPix, that are able to perform a variety of liquid handling, colony picking and re-arraying (cherry picking) routines. Also available for general use, is a multi-mode plate reader – please refer to the Medical School Core Facilities website for further details.



Opened in 2002 by the vice chancellor Professor Robert F. Boucher CBE, FREng, the automated equipment was originally used in a research programme to identify novel regulatory proteins involved in inflammatory signal transduction.

For more details of the robotic equipment and services provided, please click on the following links: Q-bot MegaPix

For Further Information Contact:
Karen Holland/Luke Marsden
Telephone: 0114 226 1484
Email: k.holland@sheffield.ac.uk or l.marsden@sheffield.ac.uk