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Sheffield Biorepository - Human Tissue Storage

The Human Tissue Act establishes the Human Tissue Authority as the regulatory body for all matters concerning the removal, storage, use and disposal of human tissue (excluding gametes and embryos) for Scheduled Purposes. The HTA has issued good practice guidance in its Codes of Practice and answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available on their website. The HTA licences a number of activities under the HT Act, one of which is the storage of tissue for research.

Freezer Display ReadoutThe University of Sheffield Medical School holds a licence for the storage of human tissue for the purposes of research. Before 2019 the university and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust held a joint licence creating the Biorepository to satisfy all requirements under the regulations. Professor of Clinical Cardiology and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, Professor Chris Newman, holds the licence as the designated individual responsible for the Sheffield Biorepository; copies of this licence can be viewed in room EU17 of the Medical School.

FreezerThe Human Tissue Act 2004 was fully implemented on 1st September 2006 and covers the use of tissue for a number of 'Scheduled Purposes', which include research, clinical diagnosis and teaching. The HT Act makes consent the fundamental principle underpinning the lawful storage and use of body parts, organs and tissue from the living or the deceased for specified health-related purposes and public display. This includes `residualĀ“ tissue remaining following clinical and diagnostic procedures. It also covers the removal of such material from the deceased.

Our Service

We provide a fully compliant, safe and secure, storage facility for all human tissues, including:

  • Blood (buffy coat, serum, plasma)
  • Saliva, cerebrospinal and other fluids
  • Urine
  • Breast milk
  • Semen, cervical swabs

Full details are available for all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) via links on this website, as well as information on the kinds of storage we can provide to accommodate your samples.

For any general queries please contact:

Sheffield Teaching Hospital enquires relating to HTA or NRES should be directed to Jemima Clarke.