Lung function lab

Our pulmonary function lab is used to perform both routine and complex tests of respiratory function, for a range of specific research studies in both children and adults.

Lung function lab

Pulmonary function tests are matched with the primary aims of studies to ensure that the specific pathophysiology of the patient group in question is thoroughly explored. 

In general this involves measuring:

  • The size of the lungs
  • Obstruction within the airways
  • The efficiency of gas transfer from air to blood
  • Exercise capacity
  • Ventilation heterogeneity

The lab is staffed by qualified, experienced respiratory physiologists with the required skills and experience to work with both children and adults.


  • Vyaire PFT Pro – this is our main PFT testing kit and is capable of performing the following tests;
    • Spirometry
    • Transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide
    • Transfer factor of the lung for nitric oxide
    • Static lung volumes via both helium dilution and body plethysmography
    • Maximal inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures
    • Impulse oscillometry
    • Nebulised airway challenge
    • Occlusion pressure
  • MedGraphics metabolic cart and Lode bicycle ergometer
    • Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing with full gas exchange analysis
  • Innocor gas analyser 
    • Multiple breath washout
  • Ecomedics Exalyser D
    • Multiple breath washout
    • Single breath washout
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