Professor John Reilly BSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPATH

Consultant Heamatologist

H Floor
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossop Road
S10 2JF

Tel: +44(0)114 2711730
Fax: +44(0)114 2711733

Name of Secretary: Julie West
Secretary Telephone: +44 (0)114 2711732

Career History

Professor Reilly was appointed consultant haematologist in Sheffield in 1988, with a specialist interest in the area of haemato-oncology. Before this he was a research fellow in Liverpool where he studied the pathogenesis of bone marrow stromal protein hyperplasia that characterises the chronic myeloproliferative disorders. He is currently Director of the United Kingdom National External Quality Assurance Scheme for Leucocyte Immunophenotyping (UKNEQAS).

Research Interests

Professor Reilly´s current research interests are the pathogenesis and treatment of both chronic and acute myeloid malignancies. He is past editor of the British Journal of Haematology and a founder member of the International Working Group for Myelofibrosis treatment and Research (IWG-MRT) and the UK Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders Group. He is also director of UKNEQAS for leukaemia immunophenotypng and haemato-oncology molecular diagnosis.

He is the author of over 130 scientific publications and is frequently an invited speaker at national and international meetings.

Principle Funding Sources

Leukaemia Research Fund
Leukaemia and Myeloma Fund (CSUH)

Members of Research Group

Dr Anne Goodeve (Reader)
Dr Peter Winship (Lecturer)
Mr D Gilby (PhD Student)

Representative Publications

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