Bone Imaging Suite

The Bone Imaging Suite in the Clinical Research Facility at the Northern General Hospital has a team of dedicated scan technicians who have undergone formal training and accreditation from the National Osteoporosis Society.


The structural and geometric properties of bone can be studied in man using state-of-the-art equipment purchased with the support of the Medical Research Council and the National Institute of Health Research. This suite is based in the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at the Northern General Hospital.

The CRF provides a welcoming reception, with waiting room and private data rooms, consulting suites and treatment rooms, bed bays and single rooms and investigation laboratory. All staff are trained and operate to Good Clinical Practice standards and our clinical trials nursing team ensure that volunteers receive personalised care throughout their visits.

The specialised bone Scanning Suite consists of the following devices:

  • Discovery A DXA densitometer (Hologic Inc.)
  • XtremeCT HR-pQCT scanner (Scanco Medical AG)
  • XCT2000 pQCT scanner (Stratec Medinzintechnik)
  • Metriscan phalangeal densitometer (Alara Inc.)
  • DXL Calscan heel densitometer (Demetech AB)
  • Achilles Insight heel ultrasound densitometer (GE Medical)
  • QUS-2 heel ultrasound densitometer (Metra/Quidel Corp.)
  • DBM Sonic Bone Profiler (IGEA s.r.l).

The recent purchase of the XtremeCT was made possible through NIHR Capital Investment funding. As a result, the Bone BRU is now at the leading edge of micro-architectural bone imaging and evaluation.

For further information, please contact Bone Imaging Lead, Dr Margaret Paggiosi.