About Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS)

Find out more about the service and what to expect.

What is SAMHS?

SAMHS helps you access the right mental health support for you from one initial appointment. If you need support with your mental health at any point during your time at Sheffield, you can register for SAMHS online with just a few details.

Appointments last for 30 minutes and you will discuss your individual situation with an experienced mental health worker. They help you navigate the many support options and together you will agree on a plan of action, tailored for you.

How do I register?

To ensure that we are able to continue supporting our students throughout the coming days and weeks our staff will be offering telephone and/or online support following online registration.

What happens after I register?

After 2 working days, the SAMHS Admin Team will contact you with an appointment time and date.  If this appointment doesn't suit you, then we ask you to email back (samhs@sheffield.ac.uk) and we will rearrange it to a time that is more convenient.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To register with SAMHS you will need to be a current student at the University and have a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  The University IT Department will be able to assist you with this if you are having problems setting one up.

It is important that you use Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser (Safari and Internet Explorer will not work with our system).

However, if you are still having problems please let us know by emailing the Admin Team at SAMHS@sheffield.ac.uk

We ask for a VPN as you are entering personal information (i.e. telephone number and address details), it is primarily there to protect you.

How are you offering appointments remotely?

Students who have registered with us will be booked into either a Telephone or Google Meet appointment with one of our clinicians.

If you have a strong preference between the two, please mention this on your initial online registration form under 'access requirements' or email samhs@sheffield.ac.uk before your appointment day.

How do I cancel or rearrange my appointment?

If you do have a an appointment arranged with us and you wish to cancel or re-arrange your appointment, please email SAMHS@sheffield.ac.uk

Why do I need to complete forms before my appointment?

When people accessed the Service at Wilkinson St/ Glossop Road, we would be ask them to complete a CCAPS form before their appointment and now we are asking that they complete the form at home. 

Full instructions will be given beforehand and we will send you a link by email before your appointment time.

You will need to use a VPN for this too and have your student registration number to 'log back in'.

What forms do I have to complete before my appointment?

You will be emailed on the day of your appointment (in the morning) to complete a set of forms (known as CCAPS).

Firstly, you are asked to complete an Equal Opportunities Questionnaire (all tick box or drop down menus).  This is not mandatory and should only take a couple of minutes, however, it would be really helpful if you could complete it.  This information is for our statistics and to help us ensure that we are reaching every level and area of the University.

On this form we will also ask for your GP Practice name and address (to  the best to your knowledge).

Following this form, you will then be directed to a questionnaire, known as CCAPS.

What is CCAPS and why have I been asked to complete it?

The CCAPS questionnaire is a standard evaluation tool for informing our work with students at SAMHS and UCS.   We usually use either a GREEN form, or a BLUE form, and you will be told which form to complete before your appointment.

Your initial CCAPS form (the GREEN form) contains 62 tick box questions around how you have been feeling over the past two weeks.  Again, not all questions are mandatory but we encourage you to complete the form as best you can.  It is important that you complete your questionnaire as close to your appointment as possible, so it accurately captures how you are feeling.

The answers help shape your appointment and give your clinician an insight into how you are feeling at the moment.  This form is the longest form that we ask you to complete, and you would only usually be asked to complete this before your very first appointment.

If it is recommended that you have a counselling or follow-up appointment with us, you may be asked to complete a further CCAPS form (the BLUE form); this form is shorter and contains 34 tick box questions.

What if I am unable to complete the forms that you send me?

Firstly, don't panic!  If you are having technical issues or there is any other reason that you are unable to complete the forms before your appointment, please let the admin team know by emailing SAMHS@sheffield.ac.uk and we will pass this onto your clinician.

Please be assured that this will not affect your appointment.

Again, remember Safari and Internet Explorer are not compatible with our forms so PLEASE USE Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser.

How do I access a letter to support an Extenuating Circumstance form?

The University has updated its guidelines in relation to evidence required when submitting Extenuating Circumstance forms.   This means that in many cases you can now self certify (even if it is not in relation to COVID 19). 

Please read through the new guidelines before submitting a letter request to the Service.

Further questions?

If you have any other questions, please email SAMHS@sheffield.ac.uk

For staff information on SAMHS please see our Staff Information page (staff login required)