28GHz Analog Front End for SDR – open access PCB design files & control software

As part of my UKRI Fellowship, I have created a 26-28 GHz RF front-end PCB that can be used with a generic Software Defined Radio (SDR).


In its present form the system takes a signal at 28GHz from a 2.4mm connector and down-converts it to a 2GHz RX IF. On the transmit side it takes a 2GHz TX IF and upconverts it to 28GHz. The TX and RX IF ports are separate, to suit SDRS with separate TX and RX inputs. The front-end operates in half duplex mode. The carrier frequency is generated by an Analog Devices PLL with integrated VCO and is programmed and controlled by an on-board MCU.

I am making the PCB Gerber files, schematics and PLL software freely available for you to use in your own research project and just ask for formal acknowledgement in any publications. I am not providing built boards.

Here is a picture from one of our latest build: -

Image of circuit board

If you wish to access the design files, please email me and I will supply the latest Gerber zip files:- e.a.ball@sheffield.ac.uk 

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