Wafer probe station

MPI TS150–THZ probe system is a dedicated, manual probe system designed especially for precision analysis of substrates, single dies or 150 mm wafers.

Wafer probe station

The system is extremely stable, with a large probe platen, and a low-profile design. We can mount Coaxial or mmWave probes (using VDI frequency extenders).

We also have a dedicated miniature probe station for on wafer antennas.

Available probes

  • MPI TITAN PROBE T50A GSG 150 (150um pitch), 2.4mm coax
  • Picoprobe 120 GSG 150 BT (150um pitch), 75-110GHz (WR10 waveguide)
  • Picoprobe 75 GSG 100 BT (100um pitch), 50-75GHz (WR15 waveguide)

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