About the mmWave facility

Millimetre Wave Measurement facility, a state-of-the-art facility at the University of Sheffield’s Communications Research Group, is available for tests on antennas, wafer dies and other small devices in ranges from 10GHz to 110GHz.


The mmWave measurement facility is for industry and academics. It tests and measures antennas, devices and circuits on-wafer and RF systems.

The facility is reconfigurable, consisting of three key items which totalled a two million pound investment. The key items are the NSI-MI Antenna Measurement System, Keysight four port VNA and MPI TS150-THz wafer probe stations.

Here is a video to explain all about us:

The Facility operates a collaborative approach and is keen to support and engage with potential users through different routes. These can include:-

  1. Collaboration and formation of grant proposals (industry & academics).
  2. Technician-driven testing of antennas, RF systems or integrated circuits - all using any of the lab capabilities.
  3. Technician-driven wire bonding onto novel components or surfaces.
  4. Bare die MMIC RF and mmWave testing using the VNA or signal generation and signal analysis equipment.
  5. Advanced RF design review, support and consultancy service (systems, schematics, MMICs, antennas, PCB layouts, etc).
  6. System TX radiated power / RX sensitivity testing
  7. Materials reflectivity / transmission measurements.
  8. Access to wider support and collaboration from Communications Group Academics

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