Pre-Grant Support

Image of the spherical antenna measurement system

The National Millimetre Wave Measurement Facility operates a ‘Pre-grant support’ scheme where a limited number measurements are offered to researchers free of charge. This scheme aims to stimulate mmWave research and help researcher collect data needed to apply for grants.

If you are interested in applying for the scheme, contact us via email ( to discuss the requirements and feasibility of your project with the National Millimetre Wave Measurement Facility team.

You will then be asked to complete a form outlining the strategic need for the work, the principle(s) to be demonstrated, the resources required, the time-scales involved and a statement indicating how a full grant proposal should result from the successful conclusion of the short study/demonstration.

Each request will be considered for approval by the National Millimetre Wave Measurement Facility team with the selection of projects based on scientific quality, strategic need, and the Facility capability.