Interested in joining us?

We have PhD scholarships available, post-doc scholarship opportunities and our MSc programme in Robotics is currently taking applications.

Swarm robots

We are searching for highly motivated persons interested in inter-disciplinary research at the interfaces of robotics, machine learning, arts, biology, computer science, or physics.

Our projects offer the possibility for you to work on an exciting research problem. You will be supported by a multi-disciplinary supervisory team. We are happy to arrange temporary research stays abroad (eg to the USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and EU countries).

The research training you will be offered is geared towards reinforcing your position of professional maturity and independence.

The alumni of the Natural Robotics Lab include students that continued their research careers at the MIT, Harvard University, Imperial College London, Yale University, ETH Zurich, EPFL, as well as in industry (eg Amazon Robotics, Jaguar Land Rover, MathWorks).

Contact Roderich if you are interested in joining the Natural Robotics Lab.

PhD scholarships

First, apply for admission to the PhD programme and receive an application number.

Example research projects:

For up to date information, read our recent journal and conference papers, and e-mail Roderich with your CV to discuss your ideas. You are very welcome to visit us.

Next, apply for the PhD scholarships. This is a single application stream.

Post-doc Scholarships

We are looking for post-docs interested in applying for fellowships to become part of our team. In particular, we are currently recruiting a post-doc to work on the OpenSwarm project. See here for more information.

There are fantastic research opportunities. You can join a wide range of already running research projects (through PhD student co-supervision).

Fellowships are available, for example, via German DAAD Forschungsstipendien für promovierte Nachwuchswissenschaftler.

MSc studies

Consider joining our MSc programme in Robotics.

Project updates

Natural Robotics Lab: investigating robotic systems inspired by nature, and robotic models of natural systems.

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Search for PhD opportunities at Sheffield and be part of our world-leading research.