About us

The Natural Robotics Lab was founded in 2010, to investigate robotic systems inspired by nature and robotic models of natural systems. Particular emphasis is on the study of self-assembling robotic systems and swarm robotic systems.


The Lab

The Lab is led by Dr Roderich Gross, Associate Professor in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering. Since 2014, it has been based in the Pam Liversidge Building.

Natural Robotics Lab celebrates 10-year anniversary

Natural Robotics Lab alumni have continued their research careers at the MIT, Harvard University, Imperial College London, Yale University, ETH Zurich, EPFL, as well as in industry (eg Amazon Robotics, iRobot, Jaguar Land Rover, MathWorks).

The Natural Robotics Lab has received financial support from various funding bodies and industry, including:

Our robots

Externally propelled, reconfigurable robots

Self-propelled, reconfigurable robots

Self-propelled, legged robots

Self-propelled, wheeled robots

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Natural Robotics Lab: investigating robotic systems inspired by nature, and robotic models of natural systems.