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Academic staff

Senior Lecturer (associate professor)

Research Associate

Academic research visitors

Andreagiovanni Reina

Academic research visitor (2021/22)

Thematic areas: swarm robotics, collective decision making, distributed cognition

Jessica Jayakumar

Undergraduate research assistant (2023/24)

PhD students

MSc/MEng/BEng students

  • Siqi Li
  • Kassandra Yuen
  • Panithan Rithburi
  • Tianyi Shi
  • Yusi Wei
  • Yefan Xie
  • Yan Zhang

Alumni (past PhD students)

Genki Miyauchi

PhD awarded 2024 (Postdoctoral Research Associate @ The University of Sheffield)

Thesis: Multi-Operator Control of Connectivity-Preserving Robot Swarms

Edward Bray

PhD awarded 2023 (Postdoctoral Research Fellow @ University of Technology Sydney)

Thesis: Force-Aware Self-Assembly of Bridges by a Swarm of Autonomous Robots

Matthew Hall

PhD awarded 2022 (Engineer @ BJSS)

Thesis: Active Subtraction: A Viable Method of Self-Reconfiguration for Modular Robotic Systems

Zhikun Wang

PhD awarded 2022 (Research Associate @ Westlake University)

Thesis: High-Performance Flight Control of Variable-Pitch-Propeller Quadcopters

Yue Gu

PhD awarded 2022 (Research Associate @ University of Glasgow)

Thesis: Turing Learning: Advances and Applications

João V. Amorim Marques

PhD awarded 2020 (Scientist @ Porto University)

Thesis: Movement of Modular Hydraulic Propulsion robots: Decentralised and reactive pose control strategies

Isaac Vandermeulen

PhD awarded 2020 (Scientist @ iRobot)

Thesis: Coverage & cooperation: Completing complex tasks as quickly as possible using teams of robots

Matthew Doyle

PhD awarded 2020 (Maths Tutor)

Thesis: The Propulsion of Reconfigurable Modular Robots in Fluidic Environments

Anıl Özdemir

PhD awarded 2020 (Senior Researcher @ Zebra Technologies)

Thesis: Synthesis and Analysis of Minimalist Control Strategies for Swarm Robotic Systems

Stefan Trenkwalder

PhD awarded 2020 (Engineer @ Great Wall Motor)

Thesis: Classification and management of computational resources of robotic swarms and the overcoming of their constraints

Leonardo Stella

PhD awarded 2019 (Assistant Professor @ University of Birmingham)

Thesis: Bio-inspired collective decision-making in game theoretic models and multi-agent systems

Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra 

PhD awarded 2018 (Engineer @ Breach)

Thesis: Human-swarm robot interaction with different awareness constraints

Yuri Kaszubowski Lopes

PhD awarded 2017 (Assistant Professor @ Santa Catarina State University)

Thesis: Supervisory control theory for controlling swarm robotics systems

Christopher Parrott 

PhD awarded 2017 (Engineer @ Pimoroni)

Thesis: A hybrid and extendable self-Reconfigurable modular robotic system

Fernando Perez-Diaz

PhD awarded 2017 (Senior Engineer @ BP)

Thesis: Firefly-inspired synchronization in swarms of mobile agents

Wei Li

PhD awarded 2016 (Assistant Professor @ Fudan University)

Thesis: Automated reverse engineering of agent behaviors

Google Scholar profile

Jianing Chen

PhD awarded 2015 (Research Associate @ University of Manchester)

Thesis: Cooperation in swarms of robots without communication

Melvin Gauci

PhD awarded 2015 (Scientist @ Amazon Robotics)

Thesis: Swarm robotic systems with minimal information processing

Google Scholar profile

Alumni (post-docs, project students and visitor selection)

Karthik Soma

Academic research visitor (2023/24)

Thematic areas: swarm robotics, multi-robot systems

Valerio Riccò

Academic research visitor (2019/20)

Thematic areas: swarm robotics, modular robots, soft robotics

João V. Amorim Marques

Postdoc (from Feb 2020)

Thematic areas: multi-robot systems, self-reconfigurable robots, underwater robotics

María-Teresa Lorente

Postdoc (from Feb 2020)

Thematic areas: multi-robot systems, localisation, navigation

Roopika Ravikanna

Academic research visitor (2018/19)

Thematic areas: AgriFood, swarm robotics

N8 AgriFood, 2018/19

Federico Pratissoli 

Academic research visitor (2018/19)

Thematic areas: swarm robotics, soft robotics

Tomohiro Hayakawa

Academic research visitor, 2017/18

Salomè Bonnet

Academic Research Visitor (2017)

Thematic areas: computation-free swarming

Now with Yespark, Paris

Nicole Salomons

Academic Research Visitor (2015/16)

Thematic areas: swarm robotics, human-robot interaction

Now with Yale University

Toshiyuki Yasuda 

Visiting lecturer, 2011/12 and 2013/14

Juan A Escalera

Post-doc from 2013-2014

Now assistant professor at Charles III University of Madrid

RoboticsLab profile

Andrew Hills

post-doc in 2012

Now research fellow, University of Sheffield

Zheng Lin

BEng student, 2011/12

Co-Founder/CEO of Intelligent Robots LTD

Runxiao Ding

BEng student, 2011/12

PhD Loughborough University

Now with Jaguar Land Rover

Alicja Wasik

SURE scheme scholar, 2011/12; now with EPFL

Pranay Agrawal

Visiting graduate student, 2011


now with Cruise Automation, San Francisco Bay Area

Stephen Foster

BEng student, 2010/11

Michael Price

Royal Aeronautical Society Prize

MEng student, 2010/11

now with MBDA

Narmada Herath

Mappin Medal

BEng student, 2010/11

PhD MIT, now with MathWorks

Project updates

Natural Robotics Lab: investigating robotic systems inspired by nature, and robotic models of natural systems.

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