New Sheffield NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Announced for Translational Neurosciences

We received the great news last month that our bid to create a new BRC in Sheffield was successful with funding of £4,049,681 to be awarded over 5 years from April 2017. Our BRC Executive Group will soon begin the contractual negotiations with NIHR to initiate our programme of research in Translational Neuroscience for Chronic Neurological Disorders.

These negotiations will serve to galvanize our operational set-up of exciting developments such as a PET-MRI facility and the installation of a digital infrastructure for communal data management across research projects. These major developments are essential for the advancement and acceleration of research across the whole University and STHNFT, extending the good news of a BRC beyond the realms of neurology.

It was so gratifying to read the international Selection Panel’s commendation of the breadth, volume and quality of our translational neuroscience research as excellent, and encouraging too, that the importance of our continuing to build capacity in exciting emerging fields such as Genome Medicine and Bioinformatics was acknowledged.

The hard work of delivering on our programme of research now lays ahead of us in order to continue our BRC designation and expand our research themes in 5 years’ time.

A big thank-you to everyone who put in all the hard work into making this bid successful – the reward: the inception of a BRC in Sheffield is well deserved.

Programme Director, NIHR Sheffield Teaching Hospitals BRC: Professor Dame Pamela Shaw

BRC Key Research Areas:

Cerebrovascular Neurology

Cross-cutting Theme Leaders:

Genome Medicine and Bioinformatics: Prof. Winston Hide
In silico Medicine : Prof. Marco Viceconti
Advanced Medical Imaging : Prof. Iain Wilkinson
Clinical Research Facility : Prof. Chris Newman