Outstanding Fees Policy

It is important that you make payment of your tuition, accommodation and other fees on the due dates. If you cannot make payment on time, you need to keep us updated.


 What you should do if you cannot pay your fees on time

Tuition fees

If you require an extension on your payment date and are able to make payment within the same month, contact the Student Fees and Funding team.

If you require an extension for a longer period, the University may be able to offer you a personal payment plan.

Accommodation fees

If you can't pay your accommodation fees on the agreed instalment dates as per your accommodation contract (eg due to a delay in receiving Student Finance), contact the Student Fees and Funding team.

Accommodation contracts and policies

How outstanding tuition fees may affect you continuing with your studies and your graduation

You will not be able to re-register for your next academic year if you have outstanding tuition/tuition-related fees.

Payment of any fees must be made in full, and you need to quote your registration number during the payment.

Once payment has been made, you should allow a few working days for the block on your registration to be lifted. You should then log back in to MUSE to complete your registration.

Make an online payment

How to register online (student login required)

Students are not permitted to graduate until all outstanding academic-related fees have been paid.

How to access help from the University whilst you are a student

We have a range of financial support available (student login is required for these links):

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, you may wish to speak to our Funding team.

If you're worried about your current financial situation, the Student Advice Centre can work with you to help you to take control of your finances.

If you receive a student loan and you experience any issues, eg it's delayed, contact Student Finance directly.

External help organisations once you have left the University

If you are in financial difficulty or need assistance, the following organisations offer free, impartial and non-judgemental advice: 

University action should fees remain unpaid

If any fees remain unpaid, the University will contact you on a regular basis either by phone or email. We also have third parties who assist us in the collection of outstanding fees and who may contact you on our behalf.

In the unlikely event that a balance remains, the University may seek legal advice and action to assist with payment collection.

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