Tuition fees for Undergraduate Home students

Tuition fees information for Home Undergraduate students.


Your tuition fee

Tuition Fees for New Home Undergraduate entrants in 2021/22 are £9,250.

The University will review tuition fees each year. The current expectation is that we will increase fees for each year of study in line with inflation as specified by parliament. Eligible students can apply for a tuition fee loan from the UK government.

The fees to be charged by the University are updated on the University website and if there is any inconsistency between a print publication (such as the prospectus) and the website, the website should be taken as correct.

We recommend that you check your fee in advance of arriving by using the Fees Look-up tool.

Students doing a Foundation Year in the 21-22 academic year

Students will be charged £9250 for the Foundation Year and £9250 (may increase) for subsequent years of study. The 'Department for Lifelong Learning' foundation programmes will also be charged at £9250.

Note that subsequent years of study will be charged at the standard £9250 fee (may increase).

Students from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man in the 21-22 academic year

A tuition fee of £9250 will apply to students from these islands. A higher rate of fee will apply to subsequent years of study for students in either Medicine or Dentistry.

Students on the Medicine degree will pay higher fees of £19,250 for the last 3 years of the 5 year degree programme and students on the Dentistry degree will pay higher fees of £19,250 for the last 4 years of the 5 year degree programme.

Students doing a Placement (In Employment/In Industry) or Studying Abroad as part of their course

Fees for each student's future Placement or future Study Abroad are set ahead of the academic year in which they will participate in the Placement or Study Abroad year.

Use the below figures as an indication of your tuition fees for future years. Please note these figures are only applicable for 2021/22 starters.

Form of Non-standard study

Indicative tuition fees (Home student)

Full year abroad


One semester abroad


Year In Employment


Year in Industry: All courses with exceptions below*


*Year in Industry: Students on programme CHMU07 in Chemistry and students in the department of MBB going In Industry in Level 4 of an MBiol


Funding arrangements

Financial Declaration

All students must complete the Financial Declaration, online, in advance.

You will be sent a link asking you to complete your pre-registration actions and one of these actions is to complete the Financial Declaration.

It is assumed that most Home Undergraduates will apply for a funding package. However, Home Undergraduates who choose not to apply for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan/grant must, first of all, complete the online Financial Declaration and then you must complete the Fee Status Assessment form.

If you are not applying for a funding package, please check the UKCISA guidance on fee status carefully to make sure you have understood the rules on fee status correctly.

Are you paying your fees through Student Finance?

Applying for a tuition fee loan

If you wish to receive a tuition fee loan and you are eligible then you should have already applied for a funding package from Student Finance.

Further information about applying for a tuition fee loan, maintenance loan/grant and to download application forms or to apply online is available at:

Confirmation and payment of your tuition fee loan to the University

The Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to the University so you do not have to pay tuition fees before or whilst studying.

If you have applied in good time and by the deadline, the University should receive confirmation that you will be receiving a tuition fee loan and maintenance grant/loan, directly from the Student Loans Company (SLC) in advance of your arrival at the University.

Maintenance loan/grant payment to you

If you are applying for a maintenance loan (repayable) or grant (non-repayable) this will be paid directly into your bank account approximately five days after your course start date; the University will inform SLC that you are 'in attendance' after you have registered in Intro Week; this will prompt the first payment.

Please ensure you have applied to Student Finance, you have provided Student Finance with your bank account details and you register with the University at the designated time.

What if I have not received written confirmation of my Tuition Fee Loan when I register?

If you have not received confirmation of your funding package from Student Finance by the time you come to register, please do not worry. The University will give you a period of Temporary Registration for up to six weeks while you wait for the information from Student Finance to arrive.

What if I do not wish to apply to Student Finance?

Please read this carefully so you understand fully what happens if you are not applying for funding from the relevant authority

If you decide not to apply for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance, please be aware that you will have to pay your fee in advance or when you register with the University, ie you cannot defer paying your tuition fee until after you have graduated.

However, if the University needs to do additional Fee Status checks, you will not be able to pay your tuition fee in advance online until the University contacts you when a decision has been made.

The University encourages all students to apply for non-financial assessment with Student Finance even if they do not wish to receive a tuition fee loan or a maintenance loan. If you are eligible to apply for a tuition fee and maintenance loan this usually means that you are also eligible to pay the home rate of fee. If you do not apply to Student Finance, the University will need to assess your status for fee paying purposes to confirm if you are eligible to pay at the home rate of fee.

Please do not assume that you are eligible to pay the home rate of fee; the University must assess your Fee Status even if you are a British citizen and have been permanently resident in the UK for a number of years.

If you're unsure of your Fee Status, please check our Fee status page carefully to make sure you've understood the rules correctly.

In order to assess if you are entitled to receive a bursary from the University, we receive and process an extract of the information which you submit to Student Finance.

If you do not apply to Student Finance, the University cannot assess your entitlement to a bursary and you may lose out financially. You are therefore strongly encouraged to apply to Student Finance, even if you opt for non-financial assessment only.

In summary: since you will not come under the usual support arrangements for Home Undergraduates you must complete the online Financial Declaration, then you will be asked to complete and submit the Fee Status Assessment form (see above 'Financial Declaration'). Once you have received a decision from us, you can then arrange to pay your fee directly to the University (see below: Paying Your Tuition Fee).

NHS-funded courses

If you are being funded by a student loan, bursary, or sponsored, it is your responsibility to ensure your tuition fees are paid. If the University does not receive payment you will become liable for the tuition fee.

Sponsored students

If you are being sponsored by an external organisation, our Sponsored Students page will help you to find out about what you need to do.

How to pay your tuition fee: Self-funded students

Please read this if you are paying your own tuition fees

You will be sent a link asking you to complete your pre-registration actions. This is where you pay your tuition fee online, in advance of the course start date. You must complete the Financial Declaration first (and Fee Status Assessment form if not applying to Student Finance for a Maintenance Loan).

Paying your tuition fee is an integral part of registration at the University. We advise you to arrange your fee payments in advance of your arrival. If you are unable to do this then you must arrange to pay tuition fees before you attend Registration. You will not be able to register until you have done this.

Once you have completed your online Financial Declaration (see above) you can arrange payment according to the Payment Plans set out below.

Invoices: Please be aware that, unlike some other universities, we do not defer the collection of tuition fees until later in the year and we do not issue invoices to self-financed students.

Payment plans: Self-funded students

Payment Plan 1: Payment in full

The following are acceptable payment methods to pay in full:

  • Make a payment by card, eg Mastercard, Visa or American Express

Payment Plan 2: Payment in two instalments

If your share of the tuition fee is £1000 or more and you are in attendance for the full academic year, you can pay your tuition fee in two instalments. Example: you will pay 50% on 1 October and 50% on 1 February.

The following are acceptable payment methods to pay in two instalments:

  • Direct Debit. This must be a UK current bank account. To allow your bank time to set this up, this payment option is only available until two weeks before the first instalment date.
  • Make a payment by card, eg Mastercard, Visa or American Express

Additional information


You can find information about which bursaries may be available on our Undergraduate Fees and Funding pages

Will the University send a receipt for any payment made in advance?

Due to the high volume of payments received at this time of year, the University does not generally issue receipts; however, if you pay your fees online, in advance of your arrival, the card/account holder will receive an email confirming payment.

What if I cannot pay by any of the methods on this page?

Contact the Student Fees and Funding Team for advice at

What happens if I default on my payment?

Please make every effort to honour your agreement to pay by ensuring that there are sufficient funds in the relevant account on the instalment due dates. If you know that you will have difficulty in meeting a payment, please contact Student Administration Service well in advance of the payment date in order to discuss a possible alternative arrangement. It is your responsibility to make contact.

If a payment does not reach the University as required and you have not made contact in advance:

  • Your registration will be subject to immediate review and could be cancelled.
  • Your computer facilities could be cancelled.
  • Your registration may only be renewed once you have paid all of your fee or have made a satisfactory arrangement to pay your fee.

Please be advised that the University reserves the right to insist that payment is made in full at the start of each year of study. It is therefore in your interests to honour all payments if you wish to continue to pay in instalments in future years.

What if I decide to leave my course or take a break from studying?

If, when you are a student, you have to take leave of absence or withdraw entirely from your programme of study, you may wish to know how this would affect your tuition fees.

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