Our Research

Our vision is to achieve research excellence and impact by translating scientific discoveries into meaningful advances that can benefit our patients and the general population. This vision is supported by competitive funding from major national and international research bodies including Government, Research Councils, industry and charities.


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The Bone theme brings together skills in different diseases: osteoporosis, osteo arthritis, osteogenesis imperfecta, bone metastases and holds an MRC-Arthritis Research UK Award (1 of only 2 centres in the UK). It hosts the only Chair in children’s bone disease in the UK and is home to the world class Mellanby Bone Research Centre as well as being a validated lab for bone biomarkers. It has state of the art facilities for preclinical and clinical studies.

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BC cells

The Cancer theme is focused on our world leading reputation in bone oncology, as well as translational research strengths in cancer genomics, the tumour microenvironment, thoracic and rare cancers. We are a European Centre of Excellence for Neuroendocrine Tumours and have an international reputation in Ocular Melanoma, being one of 3 UK Centres of Excellence. We hold Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) status in recognition of our clinical trials expertise. We are also home to the Sheffield Cancer Centre bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of internationally recognised scientists and clinicians.

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DE test

The Endocrinology theme has strengths in adrenal disease and neuroendocrine tumours with new drugs in development from the bench through clinical trials to market authorisation in partnership with our spinout companies. Diabetes research is focused on three aspects: hypoglycaemia, in particular its effects on the cardiovascular system; educating patients on self-management (for example, DAFNE project); and the effect of diabetes on the central nervous system. Our laboratories have excellent facilities for a wide range of biochemical, cell culture and molecular biological techniques and we undertake clinical trials in the state of the art clinical research facility.

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The Reproduction theme investigates the fertility of men and women, with a strong focus on the biology of sperm, eggs and other reproductive tissues. According to RAND Europe, we’ve produced nearly 10% of the “Highly Cited Publications” worldwide in Andrology (male reproductive health). We also have expertise of using novel technology to diagnose problems during pregnancy and we are experts in the diagnosis and management of pre-term birth. Currently we are leading a major Global Challenge initiative in this area aimed at improving the lives of women and babies around the world.

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