Professor Claire Lewis

Professor of Molecular & Cellular Pathology
Head, Academic Unit of Inflammation & Tumour Targeting
& Research Director, Weston Park Cancer Centre
Visiting Professor, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Claire Lewis 2

Department of Oncology & Metabolism
Floor E, University of Sheffield Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX

Tel: +44(0)114 215 9012



After completing my DPhil (PhD) in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics in Oxford in 1986, I held two postdoctoral positions and a Lectureship in the Medical School there before moving to join the Medical School in Sheffield in 1996. I currently hold a Personal Chair in Molecular & Cellular Pathology and head a team of pre and postdoctoral scientists in the Academic Unit of Inflammation and Tumour Targeting. I was awarded a DSc by Oxford University in 2006 for my contribution to the field of tumour inflammation research.

Research Interests

Our research is focused mainly on the role of inflammatory cells called macrophages in tumour progression and responses to conventional anti-cancer treatments like chemotherapy and irradiation. We have also developed ways of using these cells to target therapeutic genes and viruses to tumours. Our work was reported in the national press, and is mainly funded by grants from Breast Cancer Now, Prostate Cancer UK, The European Union, Cancer Research UK and Team Verrico.

Teaching Interests

Acute and chronic inflammation; angiogenesis in human diseases; cancer.

Professional Activities


  • Member of the Editorial Board, Cancer Research.
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Blood.
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight.
  • Member of the Editorial Board, OncoImmunology.
  • Member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Cancer.
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Experimental Pathology.

Grant Awarding Bodies

  • Member, MRC Molecular & Cellular Medicines Board (April 2018 onwards).
  • Member, PCUK Research Advisory Committee (October 2019 onwards).
  • Member, Quinquennial Review Panel, MRC Human Immunology Unit, Oxford, Nov. 2016.
  • Member, Quinquennial Review Panel, Breast Cancer Now Manchester Research Unit, Feb. 2016.
  • Member, Senior Investigator Awards Committee, The Wellcome Trust, (2013).
  • Member of 3 Scientific Advisory Boards: ‘Cancer Immunotherapy’, Tumour Inflammation’ and ‘Metastasis’ for the Cancer Section of EU Framework 7 (2007- present).
  • Member, International Science Evaluation Panel (for biology, medicine and health), The Research Council, Norway (2011).
  • Member, AACR Basic Cancer Research Grants Scientific Review Committee (2010).
  • Chair, BBSRC Review Panel in Interdisciplinary Research (2005).
  • MRC College of Experts - Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board, (2004-current).
  • EPSRC Peer Review College (2006-2009).
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Breast Cancer Campaign (1999-2002)

Key Publications (recent)

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