About the Pennine Water Group

The Pennine Water Group (PWG) is an EPSRC funded Platform Grant centre dedicated to research into water and wastewater.

We aim to advance engineering and scientific knowledge across all aspects of potable water, stormwater and wastewater service provision and management of associated assets.

Crossing boundaries

Our strategic vision is to maintain and extend the breadth and depth of group activities at home, in Europe and Overseas.

Crossing boundaries is the group's key strength and it is crucial that we facilitate the continuing exchange of our research and perspectives. We see opportunities to better link mathematics to our engineering and to improve our understanding in bio, eco and human related engineering, asset management and sustainability of water services.

We are in process of widening our activities to include the interactions of other types of service and infrastructure provision, such as energy and waste, with the water cycle. As part of this, we see new opportunities in utilising cyberinfrastructure for more effective and robust water system management.

Broad-ranging academic environment

The Group comprises academics from a broad range of disciplines, including ecology, social sciences and economics in addition to engineering. We have an active programme of research, ranging from theory driven fundamental research, numerical modelling to industry-led applied research and consultancy.

We have strong links with a number of UK industrial and European partners, and our work is steered by an International Advisory Group.

New initiatives include a recent strategic partnership with Yorkshire Water, who are funding mutually beneficial research over the next 5 years as part of the designation of Adrian Saul as Yorkshire Water Professor of Water Engineering.

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