Departmental seminars


The Departmental seminar is central to the academic life of the department, and runs most weeks in term time on Fridays 2.30-4.30pm in Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 10.

Speakers send their paper in advance and speak for around 30 minutes, followed by discussion. Afterwards the discussion continues in a local pub.

Papers are normally available three days before the meeting; enquire in the Departmental Office. For more information contact Chris Marshall.  All are welcome!

Upcoming events

Venue: Hicks Building, LT10

Date Speaker Title of paper
14 February Seiriol Morgan (Bristol) On Entitlement
28 February Tom Stern (UCL) Nietzsche's Ethics
6 March Natalie Ashton (Stirling)

Productive Online Environments: Why Twitter is (Epistemically) Better than Facebook

Minorities And Philosophy (MAP) Annual Lecture

Please note change of venue to Hicks Lecture Theatre 5

20 March Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (Sheffield) 'Now' Thoughts
27 March Boudewijn de Bruin (Groningen) Self-Fulfilling Epistemic Injustice
3 April Carrie Figdor (Iowa) Towards a Non-Anthropocentric Psychology
1 May Dan Watts (Essex) Kierkegaard on the Limits of Reason and the Freedom to Judge
15 May Jessica Leech (King’s College London)

Martha Kneale on Why Metaphysical Necessities Are Not A Priori

Annual Women in the History of Philosophy lecture

Please note that events are subject to change. Updates are to follow. 

Past events

Autumn 2019

Date Speaker Title of paper
4 October Manolo Martinez (Barcelona) Imperative Transparency
18 October Max Hayward (Sheffield) Terrestrial Ethics
25 October Tatjana von Solodkoff (University College Dublin) Fragrant Games - Playing With Perfumes
1 November Louise Hanson (Durham) How To Be An Epistemic Constitutivist
8 November Oliver Hallich (Duisburg-Essen) The Dark Side of Forgiveness
29 November Margot Strohminger (Oxford) Skepticism About Cases in Philosophy, Near and Far
13 December David Owens (Kings College London) The Wrong of Untruthfulness

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title of paper
8 February Peter Graham (University of California Riverside) Are the Norms of Assertion Social Norms?
22 February Nick Hughes (Durham) Epistemic Dilemmas and the Fixed-Point Thesis
1 March Briana Toole (CUNY) Minorities and Philosophy Annual lecture: Holding Resistance Hostage: When Resistance Is Futile
8 March Mari Mikkola (Oxford) Self-Trust and Discriminatory Speech
22 March Chris Cowie (Durham) Responding to The Negative Repugnant Conclusion
29 March Tatjana von Solodkoff (University College Dublin) Cancelled
5 April Chris Meyns Annual Women in the History of Philosophy lecture: Rose Rand (1903–1980) from the Archives: Real and Unreal 
3 May Megan Blomfield (Sheffield) Epistemic injustice in asylum claim credibility assessments
10 May Ellen Clarke (Leeds) On biological individuality

Autumn 2018

Date Speaker Title of paper
12 October Dr Chris Marshall (Sheffield) Killing Innocent Threats and Ducking Harm
19 October Dr Jack Woods (Leeds) Disagreement about Logic: How and When
26 October Prof. Janet Radcliffe-Richards (Oxford) TBA
2 November Prof. Samir Okasha (Bristol) Inter-temporal choice and the metaphysics of time
16 November Dr Jessica May Isserow (Leeds) Pluralism about moral worth
23 November Prof. Robert Stern (Sheffield) Beast or Neighbour? Logstrup and Levinas on the Relation Between Ethics and Politics
30 November Dr Nils-Hennes Stear (Southampton) Is Aesthetic Immoralism Obviously True
7 December Dr Susanne Burri (LSE) Risk Imposition and Duties of Care

 Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title of paper
16 Feb Marika Rose (Winchester) Minorities and Philosophy Annual lecture: "Slaves and Tyrants: Freedom and Domination in the Vindication of the Rights of Women"
2 March Robert Stainton (Western) Meaning Pluralism, Linguistic Register and Slurs
9 March Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (Sheffield) Homo Aestheticus
16 March Hili Razinsky (Lisbon) Ambivalence - cancelled due to proposed UCU industrial action.
20 April Teemu Toppinen (Helsinki) From Duty for the Right Reasons
27 April Robert Briscoe (Ohio) Virtual Representation in Pictorial Space
4 May Sandrine Berges (Bilkent)   Annual Women in the History of Philosophy lecture: "The Republican Family in the Revolution: Adapting and Subverting Rousseau"
11 May Mathieu Doucet (Waterloo) Culpable ignorance and mental disorders

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