Workshops and conferences


The department hosts many workshops and conferences, hosted by its staff and students, on a wide range of topics.  Here are some held in Sheffield or organised by Sheffield people elsewhere.


Workshops and conferences

September 2022 Understanding Value XI
July 2022

Quasi-realism workshop

Beyond Idealism

June 2022

Workshop: Imagining a Climate Crisis Curriculum

Cognitive Science Speaker Series Moral Judgment
May 2022

MAP Lecture with Azita Chellappoo

Food: Ethics, Politics, History

January 2020 Land Rights in a Changing Climate workshops (Norway)
November 2019 Northern Imagination Forum
September 2019 Bob Hale Memorial Lecture
July 2019 Understanding Value VIII
June 2019 Epistemic Feelings
May 2019

Emotion Regulation

Learning from Imagination (Leeds)

April 2019 Moral Emotions
March 2019 Herd Mentality
November 2018 MAP and Diversity Reading List Workshop
September 2018

Natural Mechanisms: Consciousness, Cognition and Evolution

Luther as Philosopher

July 2018

British Society for Ethical Theory Conference

Understanding Value VII

May 2018

New Perspectives on Crimological Questions

Imagination Workshop

April 2018 Just Theorising Workshop
March 2018

Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2018

September 2017 Mind and Society: Two Philosophy Conferences
August 2017 Pragmatism and the Analytic - Continental Split
July 2017

Understanding Value 6

The Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Conference 2017: Harms and Wrongs in Epistemic Practice

June 2017 Corrupting Education: Virtue and Vice Epistemology and Higher Education
April 2017

Religious Experience at the Intersection of Body and Cognition

British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual conference

March 2017 Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2017
January 2017

Empirical Approaches to Philosophical Aesthetics

Bias in Context 3: Interpersonal Interactions and Collective Action

October 2016

Philosophy Meets Cognitive Science: A Conference in Honour of Stephen Stich

Mind Network Meeting

Social Norms and Obligations Workshop

September 2016 Bias in Context
August 2016 New Directions for Expressivism
July 2016

Realism in Ethics

Understanding Value V

June 2016

Care in Practice: On the Philosophy and Implementation of Care Ethics

Philosophy Teacher Conference

Ethical Encounters: Levinas and Løgstrup

March 2016

Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2016

Network of Analytic Philosophy and Social Critique Publication Workshop

February 2016 White Rose Postgraduate Philosophy Forum
November 2015

Cognitive Science in Sheffield workshop

CHiPhi Workshop on Phenomenology

July 2015 Understanding Value IV
June 2015

Values of Art

Rethinking Modern Philosophy: Origins, Connections, and Traditions

Affect: Pleasure, Pain, and Emotions

White Rose Aesthetics Forum

May 2015

CHiPhi workshop on ‘Absolute Time and Early Modern British Metaphysics’

The Idea of Pragmatism: A Conference in Honour of Chris Hookway

March 2015 Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2015
October 2014  White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate Forum
September 2014 Early-Career Workshop
August 2014 Knowing Minds:  Conference in Honour of George Botterill
July 2014 Understanding Value III
June 2014 Perfectionism in Ethics after Kant
May 2014

The nature and value of childhood

Free Will and Philosophy of Action

April 2014

Kierkegaard to Løgstrup: the Danish interest in personal responsibility

British Undergraduate Philosophy Society

March 2014 Workshop on David Owen's Shaping the Normative Landscape
February 2014 Updating Reality:  Dynamism in the Philosophy of Time
November 2013 iCog Inaugural Conference: Interdisciplinarity in Cognitive Science
July 2013

Democratising Criminal Justice

Understanding Value

June 2013 A-Level Teachers' Conference
April 2013 Implicit Bias, Philosophy and Psychology
March 2013

Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2013

Northern Lights Festival

February 2013 CHiPhi Winter Workshop
January 2013 Post-Kantian Perfectionism
July 2012

Understanding Value

The Ethical and Political Implications of Implicit Bias

April 2012 The Epistemological Implications of Implicit Bias
March 2012 CHiPhi Spring Workshop

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