The University will be retendering the contract for the facilitation of its renowned leadership development offer, the Sheffield Leader, in 2017. The Sheffield Leader is market-leading leadership development, ahead of its time in fostering the concept of ‘leadership’ as opposed to ‘leader’ development from its inception in 2010. Other universities have approached us for advice and support in establishing their own provision over the past 6 years and we take great pride in our community-based and impactful approach. We want to continue to develop our provision with the input from world-class organisation development professionals.

The requirement for Innovation in Leadership Development

Higher Education is an increasingly volatile and complex environment. The University of Sheffield is rooted within and committed to the success and prosperity of the city of Sheffield. We are partners with some of the biggest names in global industry, with world-leading research led by our academics. Our student community is truly international. An uncertain and changing political and financial landscape necessitates leadership comfortable with ambiguity and risk, whilst protecting core academic principles.

We cannot afford complacency in developing leadership at all levels – this is one of our most important institutional objectives and has been at the heart of the university’s strategy since 2008. We need to have continued awareness of our leadership capability and capacity and the impact of leadership development, with flexible provision able to respond quickly to changing priorities.

We believe in ‘enabling a leadership community’ rather than ‘training leaders’. How do you empower, harness and mobilise leadership?
How do you encourage people to step up, take risks and put their heads above their parapet, irrespective of their position in the hierarchy or the volume of work in their in-box?
How do you inspire people to care enough to make a difference?
These are some of the challenging questions we are seeking your input to.

The University will shortly be publishing a Prior Information Notice (PIN) in the Official Journal of the European Union to provide advance notice of this requirement and launch a period of market sounding and consultation in advance of the normal tendering process.

Information on our Market Sounding exercise and Supplier Consultation can be found on the link below: