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Prokhorov Centre conference 2018

Marienbad, Czech Republic

Ritzy, recuperative, critical: The representation of Central European hotels, spas and resorts in cultural critiques since circa 1900

Date: 17–18 May 2018
Venue: University of Sheffield

The conference looks at literary and other artistic representations of Central European hotels, spas, and resorts, such as Baden-Baden, Karlsbad, and Marienbad. Its focus is on the manifold ways in which these representations have served as foils for cultural critique.

The keynote will be delivered by David Clay Large, author of the best-selling The Grand Spas of Central Europe: A History of Intrigue, Politics, Art, and Healing (2015).

Conference organiser is Seán Williams, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow in German in the School of Languages and Cultures and BBC/AHRC Young Generation Thinker.

Themes and submitting a paper

Conference programme (PDF, 224KB)

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We host two lectures each year by world-leading academics.

Themes include: capitalist markets and their ethics, thinking about the future, and the politics of faith in a multicultural context.

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