Alister McGrath discusses Albert Einstein's far-reaching ideas about the relation of science, religion, and ethics

To mark the centenary of the confirmation of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity in 1919, Alister McGrath (Oxford) explored Einstein's far-reaching ideas about the relation of science, religion, and ethics.

Prokhorov lecture: Alister McGrath

McGrath discussed Einstein’s rich and rewarding views about the need to hold together God, science, and the quest for goodness in the light of the latest scholarship, and explored how they can help us develop our own ways of thinking about these important issues.

The lecture, which took place at Sheffield Cathedral on Tuesday 15 October 2019, was attended by well over 200 people. This lecture was part of the God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics lecture series.

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Alister McGrath in conversation with Henk de Berg

About our speaker

Alister McGrath is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. After studying chemistry at Oxford, McGrath gained a doctorate in molecular biophysics before going on to study theology, and gain two further earned doctorates from Oxford University in theology and intellectual history.

McGrath is the author of many highly acclaimed works, including his bestselling Christian Theology: An Introduction and his prizewinning biography C. S. Lewis: A Life.

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