Dual honours and major/minor degrees

These types of degrees allow you to study two subjects at once.

A dual honours degree has and in the courses title - Archaeology and History for example. The split between the two subjects is roughly 50/50.

A major/minor degree has with in the course title - German with Dutch for example. In this case there is more emphasis on the first named subject. The split between the two subjects is roughly 70/30.

These degrees are the same length as a single honours course but you'll choose fewer modules from the options available in each subject. The degree is just as valuable; the academic standard is just as high.

Why consider these degrees?

The breadth of scope in dual and major/minor degrees means that you'll need to develop good communication and organisational skills. These will help you whether you choose to enter the jobs market or continue your studies at the end of your course.

When you graduate you'll also have greater freedom of choice if you do decide to carry on your studies beyond degree level. You'll be able to choose between further study in either one of your original subject areas or conducting research on a topic that combines both.

Find out more

To discuss the options available to you within a dual or major/minor degree, get in touch with the listed contact for that course.