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Dead cells disrupt how immune cells respond to wounds and patrol for infection

20 May 2019

Climate change has long-term impact on species adaptability

20 May 2019

Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago – and walked the earth with T. rex

16 May 2019

Groovy new solar technology aims to be the future of renewable energy

3 May 2019

Scientists discover how superbugs hide from their host

2 May 2019

University unveils new research flagships to tackle biggest global challenges

30 April 2019

Forgotten history of tobacco, caffeines, chocolate, sugar, and opium set to be revealed by historians

29 April 2019

Apprenticeships - German precisions and changing perceptions

5 April 2019

Copycat fungus deceives immune system and deactivates body’s response to infection

28 March 2019

How did luxury become a necessity?

25 March 2019

Females live longer when they have help raising offspring

21 March 2019

A prehistoric journey

15 March 2019

Eighty years over the rainbow

15 March 2019
Using regenerative medicine to cure blindness in developing countries 3 December 2018

Extreme weather is turning the Arctic brown and could impact on climate change

26 November 2018

Aspirin and omega-3 reduce pre-cancerous bowel polyps

20 November 2018

Spectacular star system discovered which could explode to create powerful cosmic firework display

19 November 2018

New inhibitor which blocks inflammation could also treat sepsis

17 November 2018

Animal welfare breakthrough helps to accelerate brain and diabetes research

15 November 2018

Exhibition sheds new light on European peace protests of 1980s

15 November 2018

Researchers debunk decades old theory on house sparrows

13 November 2018

Surviving a heart attack

12 November 2018

Empowering women through radio

12 November 2018

Pollution in cities damaging insects and ecosystems

9 November 2018

Decline in shorebirds linked to climate change, experts warn

9 November 2018

Codebreaker Turing's theory explains how shark scales are patterned

7 November 2018

Study on use of antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent life-threatening heart infections

5 November 2018

Legal inquiry calls for urgent reform to international law to protect children in war zones

2 November 2018

Children's chances tackled in four major reports

26 October 2018

Rice with fewer stomata requires less water and is better suited for climate change

24 July 2018

Record-breaking microscope developed using methods pioneered by Sheffield scientists

23 July 2018

Crowdsourcing friendly bacteria helps superbug cause infection

16 July 2018

Faster photons could enable total data security

16 July 2018