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Initially a spinout company from the University of Sheffield, Magnomatics provides placements to our talented engineering students.

Student in a lab coat smiles and leans against a work bench. A piece of machinery is pictured in front of them, on the bench.

The spinout, formed in 2006, is a high-technology company. It is responsible for commercialising advanced technological developments, especially within electronics. The work involves collaborations with some of the world’s largest multinational corporations from a range of industries including automotive, renewable energy, rail, aerospace, marine and oil and gas. 

Unlike Magnomatics, many companies within these sectors are experiencing a skills shortage. However, through its strong links with the University of Sheffield, Magnomatics can talent spot from a pool of exceptional engineering students. “We take students on placements for a whole year and if we like them and they like us we offer them jobs. Very simply the students are just excellent engineers,” explains Dave Latimer, Magnomatics Chief Executive Officer.

Magnomatics: placing talent in industry

Throughout their placements students learn valuable skills which are useful for working with Magnomatics. But they're also transferrable to other companies and industry sectors, improving future job prospects for our students.

The main skills I'm developing here are technical engineering drawing skills, also SolidWorks modelling. Another big part of it is the soft communication skills. So I've learned how to communicate effectively with customers and suppliers. Doing a year in industry has been a great experience for me because it allows you to experience a different side of engineering, developing different skills, getting to meet new people and generally getting to widen your horizons

Ross Ferguson

Mechanical Engineering Student

mechanical engineering student in industry
Ross Ferguson, Mechanical Engineering Student

This experience will be quite valuable to my future employment prospects because it gives me a strong engineering portfolio to put forward in future job interviews. Being able to experience a variety of different types of work on my placement helps me decide what type of work I enjoy.

Kinjal Meswani

Computer Systems Engineering Student

Placements with companies like Magnomatics are essential for developing students’ industrial knowledge and work-related skills. But, by working with us, businesses are also able to mitigate against skills shortages thanks to a pipeline of talented students who can support them.

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