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  • A computer generated image of a futuristic smart city

    Making cities smarter

    We're systematically advancing city living with communication technology and have set the standards for smart living worldwide.

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  • Secretary bird

    Our groundbreaking approach to bird conservation

    We've developed a conservation system which identifies avian species with the most unique evolutionary history and are using this system in new research to protect the habitats of endangered birds.

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  • Flying robot

    Clever copters that learn as they fly

    Our scientists are developing robots that can display true autonomy - and even a bit of politeness - when working together in hostile situations.

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  • Peter Styring

    A day in the life - Professor Peter Styring

    A day in the life of Sheffield academic, Professor Peter Styring from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

  • Dementia

    Educating the next generation on dementia

    Care home residents who have dementia and schoolchildren have been brought together in an innovative collaboration between researchers at the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), council officials and school and care workers in Sheffield that is attracting national attention.

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  • Gluten

    Novel ways to deal with gluten

    Professor David Sanders knows a thing or two about gluten. Later in the year Penguin will publish his new book – Gluten Attack – the cover of which is illustrated with a carving knife plunged into a loaf of bread. Around the same time, BBC2 will broadcast Food Detective, a programme based on a piece of research he has done with them that examines what happens to a group of healthy volunteers – in Sheffield of course – who eat gluten.

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  • Egbert Hoiczyk

    Attracting top talent: A remarkable place to work

    Two rising stars in the research fields of microbial pathogenesis and the hidden structures of bacteria have established laboratories in the University of Sheffield. They're part of a new wave of researchers who have been attracted to Sheffield following the decision to invest around £12 million into the Florey Institute and Imagine: Imaging Life

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  • Claudia Mazza

    Predicting human movements

    Smart multiscale models of human joints and muscles are being developed by bioengineers in the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine, which will give clinicians the power to assess the risk of bone fractures in patients with osteoporosis and help predict the onset and development of Parkinson’s disease.

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  • Mark Hawley

    Using the power of technology to age better and live well

    More than 70 academics, across 17 departments and all faculties at the University of Sheffield, are working together as part of an innovative research team that is empowering people to live independently and be able to self-manage their conditions through user-friendly technology that they have had a key role in helping to design.

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  • Steve Renshaw

    Advancing the treatment for respiratory diseases

    Researchers from the Bateson Centre are advancing the treatment for respiratory diseases using a model with no lungs - the very remarkable Zebrafish.

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  • Matthew Holley Thumbnail

    Sensory neuroscience to develop novel treatments

    A chance discovery during a transplant experiment on the ear using cell lines developed by Sheffield researchers could have profound implications for helping restore the function of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Motor Neuron Disease.

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  • Imaging to Understand

    Imaging to understand neurological diseases

    The cells that help control signals within the brain to ensure a balance between its energy demand and supply are being investigated by researchers whose findings could have significant implications for many brain diseases.

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  • Prof Win Hide

    Northern hub for genomic medicine

    The University of Sheffield could be the creative hub of a connected community of genomic researchers, cutting edge data analysts and healthcare professionals across the north of England, in a vision being driven by former Harvard Professor, Win Hide.

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  • Words Thumbnail

    Unlocking linguistic DNA

    A collaborative venture between digital humanities experts and linguists is developing sophisticated algorithms to discover previously invisible patterns and relationships between concepts and ideas in more than 37 million pages of printed material.

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  • Pipes

    Innovation for the water industry

    A £3.9 million research consortium of six universities, led by academics at Sheffield, is working with industry partners to investigate how Britain’s ageing water infrastructure can deliver sustainable supplies across the country in the face of population growth and climate change.

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